Kane has friends. He is content. He carves his celebrated birds and farms on his little slice of heaven in Puffin Cove, Newfoundland, and heals from the tragedy that sent him fleeing from his homeland. But one look at a beautiful redhead in a quiet pub, and the life he has so carefully rebuilt tilts on its axis.

Laura knows there must be something better out there. This is the only life she is going to get, and dammit, she isn't going to waste one more day. When she runs away from home she certainly doesn't expect to fall instantly in love with a small east coast town, and a crusty, sexy Irishman.

As Kane and Laura explore the beauty of the land and a love that they never knew could exist, their fears for the future and the scars of the past threaten to tear apart a perfect forever.                

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 Jillian Snow Bainbridge is the darling of coastal Puffin Cove, Newfoundland.  A native daughter, a young mother, a widow.  The little pixie charms everyone she meets with her quick wit, her cheeky smile, and her sinfully delicious baking.  Everyone, that is, except the audaciously gorgeous Landon Blood. 

These two have had claws out and swords brandished at each other since they were in diapers.  But on a stormy winter night, their weapons of self-preservation malfunction, and the thick veneer they've formed against each other cracks.

As they begin to explore a terrifying and exhilarating new facet of their relationship, the carefully stitched edges of Landon's psyche begin to unravel, and Jill is powerless to stop the demon in Landon's soul from destroying the only love they've ever wanted.

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About Me

As a lifetime romance reader, and now fledgling writer, I am, quite simply, a lover of lovers.  I am a happily married registered nurse and mother in Central Ontario, Canada, and an avid traveller. Of all the places I've been, Newfoundland is the most wildly beautiful, with the warmest and most interesting people I've ever met. That is what inspired me to write. Really, there are pitifully few Canadian romances out there.

And we are a very romantic bunch!